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Webinars to help keep you on point and ahead of the trends in our rapidly evolving digital and social world. And they're fun, too.

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Our webinars are designed to provide financial services pros like you with actionable insights into the most relevant digital banking, online account opening, social media and technology trends happening today. Plug in your headphones and attend alone from your desk or invite your whole team to join in from the boardroom. Served up by key members of our team or invited guests, these interactive sessions take less than an hour and are fun, insightful and chock-full of awesome. 

Wednesday, May 13 - 11:00AM MST

The Art of Attraction

Hosted by Rachel Milan and Kristy Jahn-Smith

Fuelled by great online customer experiences like Amazon and Netflix and powered by digital and mobile technology, consumer expectations are being shaped by experiences in other sectors. In this webinar, we’ll chat about how to meet these changing expectations and the value of crafting a digital strategy that attracts attention to what you have to offer.


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