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Deposit accounts opened in person or online from any device.
Paperless, fully compliant with immediate account funding and completed in minutes. 

Retail Onboarding

Our Retail Onboarding module makes opening personal deposit accounts in-branch or online simple. Key integrations like eSignature, EFTs and automatic account switching mean zero errors, no paper and rapid customer engagement. It also organically boosts cross-sell and potential for a lifetime relationship. Untapped opportunity is transformed into possibility. Just like that.

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Commercial Onboarding

Offering digital onboarding tools that serve the commercial banking customer means capturing a very lucrative market. Our Commercial Onboarding module makes this possible by transforming a cumbersome, time-intensive experience into a seamless 10-minute process that supports staff and engages business customers, both in-branch and online. It’s completely digital, 100% compliant and offers a very positive brand experience.

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Agency Onboarding

For most FIs, onboarding into wealth management products is a paper-intensive process that is not great experience for customers.  Our Agency Onboarding module digitizes the process into a simple five minute experience that exceeds customer expectations. Key integrations ensure compliance, allow for immediate account funding and eliminate both paper and data entry errors, empowering FIs to increase engagement and wallet share. 

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What’s next for our platform?

With mobile and online technology moving at the speed of sound, the onboarding process is bound to be transformed by yet unknown innovation. There will be new APIs and technologies to integrate, the world will become increasingly social and there will be additional regulations to overcome. Evolution of this kind is exciting. And necessary. It challenges us to anticipate, prepare and position ourselves for what’s next for the financial services industry and for our company. For innovators like us, it’s pretty much what we live for.