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Designed to help FIs grow lending portfolios
and stay competitive through the power of innovation

Customer expectations around borrowing and a growing wave of disruptive lenders are pressuring traditional retail banks and credit unions to look at online lending in a new way. Borrowers want to apply any time anywhere and receive instant approval and immediate access to their funds. We’ve designed our Lending Module to meet these expectations with a fully digitized online lending solution that gives fringe lenders a run for their money.

Our vendor-agnostic approach allows us to integrate with a broad range of Loan Origination Systems (LOS). This flexible and leading-edge module represents a major evolution in online lending. Fully compliant, our lending technology also:

  • removes back-office barriers with auto-decisioning, account creation and real-time funding 
  • automatically onboards new customers into an account when they apply for a loan
  • makes it possible to apply for a loan from any device at any time of day
  • offers data integration that provides valuable insight into how to grow wallet share

Our Lending Module levels the playing field in a marketplace crowded with other players. Real-time decisioning and funding get money into the hands of borrowers quickly, building the kind of engagement that fuels sustainable growth.


Driven by our API strategy, our lending modules are continually innovating, with compliance, security and UX features delivered on a quarterly release schedule. 

  • borrowers can apply in 5 minutes from any device

  • ID verification happens immediately with full compliance

  • determines if borrowers meet an FI’s credit requirements

  • on approval, an account is verified or created in cumulus

  • funds are deposited in the borrower’s new or existing account with immediate access

Consumer lending is just the tip of the iceberg for the comprehensive solution we are building. The near future holds commercial loans, retail and commercial mortgages, lines of credit, loan insurance and credit cards to name a few. Partnering with agile, forward thinking LOS partners like Technicost means bottomline results for our clients.

Keith Ginter, CEO, thirdstream

What’s next for our platform?

With mobile and online technology moving at the speed of sound, the onboarding process is bound to be transformed by yet unknown innovation. There will be new APIs and technologies to integrate, the world will become increasingly social and there will be additional regulations to overcome. Evolution of this kind is exciting. And necessary. It challenges us to anticipate, prepare and position ourselves for what’s next for the financial services industry and for our company. For innovators like us, it’s pretty much what we live for.